B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t. – Social Media B2B


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What does a Rival partnership look like?


We partner with companies to create a digital presence – blogging, social media, email, public relations and onsite lead generation – by harnessing their own industry knowledge.

We work with clients in three distinct ways:

  • As an outside marketing team
  • As an amplifier to a current marketing and public relations team
  • As a link between sales and marketing


What we can do for you…


80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus in an advertisement - Content Marketing Institute


In this digital age, it’s not the size of the company that determines if its message is heard, but the power of the message and the knowledge of where (and how) it's shared.

But you know this already because you found us online – a small(ish) inbound marketing and public relations agency based in New Jersey with a big online presence.

The digital space provides level ground for companies like Marketing Rival and its clients to stake our claim, regardless of size, as market leaders attracting the brightest talent, with marketing insights, creative storytelling and social relationships.


You can be the digital Rival of your biggest competition.




All your marketing, under our (virtual) roof, with ongoing monthly support.


Whether you’re a growing small business or mid-sized company, you’ve probably faced the question of hiring a marketing staff. Should you add a social media manager, hire a director of marketing or outsource the whole thing?

In our agency we give companies access to publicists, writers, social media managers, designers, developers and email marketers, without the overhead of full time employees.


We’re an agency who will partner with you to:


  • write your blog
  • get your sales or marketing teams to work together
  • email your contacts regularly
  • post and engage on social media daily
  • put forms and incentives on your website for visitors to become leads
  • get you in front of media and bloggers


And we tie it all together with monthly analytics to track your investment (because that’s what you’re doing here, investing in an asset that will continue to deliver as long as you and the web are around).



Content and inbound marketing support


The Content Marketing Institute reports that 8 out of 10 people identify themselves as blog readers, and 23% of all time spent online is spent on social media sites.


If you’re already cranking out blogs and converting leads online, but get the sense that there’s more room to grow, we can help you reach further. Our writers provide soup to nuts campaigns, from blogs and ebooks to social and email messages, to support your sales efforts. 




Media Relations

Like the journalists, producers and editors you want to reach, our publicists get and share their news on social. Instead of relying exclusively on email and release distribution by traditional newswires, our pr team uses social media to nurture relationships and pitch your stories and products. It’s not just pr, it’s social pr.



Brand Partnerships

PR has always been about building relationships (with media and industry), but the scope has changed: The tools are better (thank you inbound marketing). The audiences bigger. And the opportunity for connections dizzying. At Marketing Rival the bulk of our work focuses on using the content we produce for clients to connect with and nurture leads with brand ambassadors, and we do it almost exclusively on social media.

So what about you?

You've heard all about us. How can we help you?