Meet Rival's Team



Jennifer Smiga

Founder / Chief of Social Connections

She’s our visionary and pioneer, an endless fountain of ideas. Jennifer fears no project and delights in whipping social media accounts into shape. She sets the style and we follow suit. With the heart of a publicist Jen is a master of connections on social and IRL.

Ask Jen: How do I get an editor's attention?

Shannon Winning

Founder / Chief of Strategic Storytelling

Known for telling it like it is, Shannon makes sure all our clients have an authentic voice without sacrificing sales strategy. She’s our crusader against unnecessary exclamation points and styler of headlines, always driving our stories to the ultimate end: lead gen.

Ask Shannon: How can I see how my competitor's digital marketing compares to mine?

Julia Zapcic

Head of Talent / Chief Prospecting Officer

With a head for processes, procedures and prospecting Julia keeps us all on track and cheers us with her infectious throw-your-head-back laugh. She’s a problem solver, big picture thinker and has a better vocabulary than you. No wonder all dilemmas end with, “Let’s ask Julia…

Danielle Thibault

Project Manager / Lord of the Editorial Cal

She’s been with us since, well, ever. And thank goodness because Danielle can handle a client account from idea to execution. She can plan, pitch, design, write and kill it on social. Who else could move a client to call an editorial calendar FREAKING AWESOME?

Jessica Perillo

Social Media Catalyst / Crafter of Community

With stealth observations and lightning fast responsiveness, Jessica helped shape the emerging social media community of our home, Bell Works - with 16,000 followers and counting. She’s the reason visitors regularly ask our client, Who does your social? It’s amazing.

Caitlin Garofalo

Media Buyer / Social Ad Slayer

She’ll negotiate your media package like a boss and target previously unreached Facebook audiences with precision. Caitlin is our master of digital and social ads and she’ not intimidated by any budget. And her reports? PowerPoint is defenseless against her.