Meet Rival's Team


They call themselves writers, social media experts, publicists, developers. But we call them awesome. And so will you when you see how they get behind your company's digital domination goals. 


Jennifer Smiga

Inbound PR Specialist AKA The Connector

Jennifer is a publicist and social media expert with an intrinsic ability to connect her clients to the social influencers and media craving new business stories. Jen will package your brand story with the right wrapping to make it a gift to reporters, bloggers and social prospects eager to tap and share your knowledge.

Ask Jen: How do I get an editor's attention?

Shannon Winning

Inbound Marketing Specialist AKA The Editor

Shannon is a professional writer and marketer skilled at harnessing the I-know-this-industry-like-the-back-of-my-hand knowledge of her clients to turn their years of experience into the kind of content prospects hunger for.

Whether you're a CEO, CMO or the Mother of Invention at your company, Shannon can help you become THE thought leader in your industry, attracting buyers and competitors seeking answers to their problems.

Ask Shannon: How can I see how my competitor's digital marketing compares to mine?

Danielle Thibault

Senior Publicist & Social Media Manager

Danielle uses her background in public relations, event coordination, and fundraising to gain exposure for Rival’s clients by establishing connections with the media and target audiences. But really, Danielle is our pinch hitter, turning around flawless projects in no time. We’re thinking of changing her name to Done.

Julia Zapcic

Publicist & Digital Marketer

Julia has 20 years experience in marketing, relationship building and policy development with both not-for-profit and for-profit clients. She enjoys working closely with partners to craft a storytelling campaign that clearly conveys a brand’s mission, value and impact. When she’s not building empires with Marketing Rival, she helps produce The Ming & Mike Show, a popular podcast featuring pop culture conversation with AMC's Comic Book Men, Ming Chen and her husband, Mike Zapcic.

Jessica Perillo

Publicist & Social Media Manager

Jessica started with Marketing Rival as an intern in the summer of 2016. A recent Graduate in Communications from Scranton University, she’s a bright light and gifted writer on the Marketing Rival team quick to turn around copy, dive into research, and create opportunities for clients.

Jamie Redmond

Brand Specialist

Jamie’s unique professional background as both a brand development specialist and professional photographer allows her to hone in on the heart of a client’s brand story. Jamie’s work centers around strategies that cohesively develop a brand’s visual content beyond basic logos and graphics. She also spends her spare time baking elaborate cakes for the tiny animals in her attic.