The Net is not television. It is the finest direct-marketing mechanism in the history of mankind. It is direct mail with free stamps, and it allows you to create richer and deeper relationships than you've ever been able to create before.
- Seth Godin, bestselling author and digital marketing heavy weight


What makes Marketing Rival different?

We don't represent all industries.

At Marketing Rival we connect designers and companies within the design build industry. We cultivate relationships, tell stories and amplify brands with a specialized mix of social media, pr and content marketing. In New Jersey we create community and online momentum around an enterprise real estate development.  In Canada we connect bloggers and designers with high end building materials. And in Georgia we tell brand stories to create designer partnerships for handcrafted American design products. In all these places we drive traffic, generate leads and empower sales teams.


Who is your ideal client?

Sooo glad you asked.

Our ideal clients are design product makers or real estate companies who understand that the online space is the place for growth for their business and know the power of social relationships. The best clients for us are those who understand our integrated approach to marketing, where your email, your social, your website and your pr are all talking to and feeding one another. 

So what we don’t do is a lot of bolted on services. We’re not a vendor who “does SEO” for clients. Our clients see us as true partners and share their goals for company growth so we can directly tie them to marketing and public relations.

Our clients understand that by marketing they are investing in an online asset that will continue to deliver, years out.

In our partnerships we work with clients in three distinct ways:


  • As an outside marketing team
  • As support to a current marketing and public relations team
  • As a link between sales and marketing


Can I see results right away?

Yes and no. Because while content marketing has a lasting effect on traffic and leads, it’s a slow build. It takes months to build momentum from blog and social media campaigns where your company has a long list of engaged blog subscribers.

Rival clients can expect to see quick wins in their social media reach and engagement. Between 6-12 months of digital marketing with Rival, our clients see growth in online keyword rank and lead generation.


How does working with Rival differ from a traditional marketing and pr agency?

Our team does not use straight up sales and advertising tactics. There is no hard sell on the product or service. The goal is to drive engagement through helpfulness. Our marketing is the opposite of interruptive outbound marketing: cold calls, pop-ups and print ads for example.

In short, marketing that interrupts you is marketing that annoys you. We don’t like to be annoying, except to our sister and brother. Rival relies on the principal that prospects are already online searching for solutions to their problems (i.e. Where is NYC can I find the best gluten free desserts?). That means we’re all about attracting your ideal customers to your site with great content and converting them there with great lead generation. As inbound marketers we write blogs, ebooks, email and social centered on the keyword phrases related to the problems and needs of prospects. This drives organic search traffic to your website and builds trust with leads.


What’s the difference between content marketing and inbound marketing?


Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less. - Demand Metric

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of content related to your business to attract more visitors to your site.

Inbound marketing takes content marketing up a level by generating online leads, capturing those leads, and then nurturing them into one sales ready package.

Inbound marketing provides you and your sales team with analytics on which contacts interacted with your site and leads them further down the sales funnel by pairing them with the content they are looking for. Inbound leads tell your salesperson which web pages the prospect has been revisiting and which whitepapers he downloaded. These are analytics that can lead to more closes.

Recap: Content is the cornerstone to inbound marketing and inbound leads are the foundation of a healthy online sales strategy.


Can you write for my company?

Sure can. Writing is our jam and blogs are our bread and butter (too many mixed metaphors?).

It's likely you don’t have time to crank out blog posts once or twice a week, but you know you need to feed search engines like Google with quality content at least weekly. We’ll give you the content you need, optimized for people and search engines.


My industry is a niche. How much of my time would you need to write effectively for me?

Give us 1-2 hours a month to share what you know.

That’s all we need. We’ve got a team of writers who love to dig into new subjects.

Marketing Rival has the writing expertise and relationships to turn your knowledge into lead generators in the form of social posts, blogging and media pitches. Our communications and public relations professionals have experience in journalism, business and nonprofits in a wide variety of industries. You have a story to tell, we will help you share it effectively.


Do you have the tools and expertise to track my company’s digital marketing?

Yes. We use HubSpot, the Cadillac of marketing software, to execute your marketing and track the analytics and conversations around your marketing. Turning on this tool won’t give you the traffic and lead results unless you’re using it strategically. As an official HubSpot agency, Marketing Rival’s team is trained in the functionality of tools like Google Analytics and HubSpot to maximize your full potential in driving traffic and leads to your website. We also have the insights to evaluate lead activity, test and adjust content and SEO. Training in these platforms costs thousands and requires continuing education. We’ve already done that part. Our experience in HubSpot enables you to get up and running without high onboarding or training fees.


What does an average service package look like in terms of dollars and commitment?

Marketing Rival retainer packages for integrated marketing and public relations start at $6,000 monthly. We typically work on a year contract, but do take select six month projects. Read more about our partnerships here.